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Linaria, Neon Lights Snaps

Botanical Name: Linaria aerugimea 'Neon Lights'
Life Cycle: Mulberry Miniatures

Intense heat and humidity may dog other alpines but these miniature snapdragons do not complain. Steady, Summer moisture and well drained soil is all that is needed. Another quality of plants is, like fragrances, they can transport you to other times. For me, as a curious child, playing with snapdragons was a daily, warm weather activity. Guess that's why this one's so special.

Cold Tolerance: Zone 6a 6b 7a 7b 8a 8b
Light: Sun-P.Sun to Full Sun
Height: 4 x 6in.
Water: Normal
Soil: Sandy-Loamy
Price: $3.99 each

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