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Welcome to Mulberry Creek!

Mulberry Creek Herb Farm Sign


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Mulberry Creek Herb Farm is uniquely situated outside the city lights, cushioned by the temperate waters of Lake Erie, just three miles to the north, and amid the rich, grain fields that have sustained local farmers for over 200 years.  There is plenty of room, in our gardens and green houses, for an undisciplined collection, exceeding 1,000 varieties of certified-organic, culinary herbs, miniature perennials, heirloom vegetables, succulent houseplants, and bonsai specimens.  

Mulberry Creek celebrates every season.  We welcome spring with our faery fest and revel with each summer’s herb fair.  Our fall harvest gathering fest celebrates herbs, wine and food preservation while merriment reigns during our "Christkindl Market" Christmas Open house.

For nearly 25 years, in the off season, we have seeded, taken cuttings, and divided most every plant we offer each spring.   Still, we stand in awe of the power of a single seedling, as it emerges, knowing it holds the potential to grow into something that will nourish our bodies and delight our senses.  Clearly, there is reason to celebrate every day!
Come, experience the celebration, witness the miracles of nature and, bring a friend!

Mid March - July:
Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

Sundays (MAY ONLY) 1pm - 5pm
Sundays for: Faery Fest & Herb Fair
Food Truck Fridays: May 3rd & 17th, open 10am - 8pm

September - mid December:
Thursday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sundays for: Harvest Fest & Christmas Open House

Always closed on Mondays
and the months of January, February, and August


To download the current PDF VERSION, see more photographs, and see what is truly up-to-date, please click here for the current catalog
homepage/Catalog 2019/Catalog_2019-Small.jpg
While you're browsing, you will find suggested plants for faery, railroad or childrens' gardens; topiaries; and ground covers along with plenty of recipes. So there is no question as to where to plant an herb, how to use it or what food dishes make the perfect partners.