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Uploads/Our Story/Usda Organic Seal Copy/Usda_Organic_Seal_Copy-Icon.jpgThough we are trained horticulturists, it is Nature that is perhaps the ultimate instructor.  It was apparent, early on, that diversity played a huge role in the success of plants and certainly made life, growing, and gardening, more interesting.  Observing the disease in area farm fields, that had been planted in corn for 20 years, confirmed our belief in rotating our crops, making sure, for instance, that a tomato never gets planted, in our garden, where its eggplant relative stood the year before.  Perhaps the 7th generation way of life sums it up best.  It is based on an ancient Iroquois philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world, 7 generations into the future.  From that upbringing, and the fact that our boys would play in the stones in our greenhouses, becoming certified organic growers, from day one, was a no-brainer.

Growing in step with nature has become less challenging, since we became officially "organic" in 1989, with more tools and access to information for both the consumer and the professional growers. "Regenerative agricultural" is a popular term nowadays describing a "new" farming method which, for example, uses cover crops instead of damaging industrial inputs.  A terrific side effect is super "nutrient packed" vegetables. Respectfully, that is what we dedicated, organic growers and gardeners have been teaching and doing for 40 years now, in the greenhouse and the garden.

Ultimately, organic extends beyond the use of earth friendly materials and techniques, recyling and fresh food.  Nature’s lessons of diversity, rotation (change), adaptation, and gentle caretaking apply to the success of all human beings.

Uploads/Our Story/Verbena Canadensis W Ben/Verbena_Canadensis_W_Ben-Medium.jpg
First catalog cover in 1998: Ben
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6 year old waving Josh and friend.