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Every month, I feature a different herb, pointing out varieties, care, and recipes.  Mulberry Creek event details are included.  Surprises and sneak peaks are to be expected. 

There are at least a couple of ways to receive this information:
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  2. Find our enewsletters on the “Mulberry Creek Herb Farm” Facebook page.  Open them up and click on the “Subscribe” tab in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Email Karen ( with your e-mail address and an “e-newsletter request” in the subject line.
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2018 e-newsletter include:
January - Rosemary
February - Rooibos Tea
March - Scented Geraniums
April - Faery Fest
May- Mint & Mother's Day Containers
June- Herb Fair News
August- Rejuvenating your Garden
September- Garlic Fest News
October- Christmas Open House Details
November- Echinacea
December- Cardamom & Glühwein

2019 e-newsletters
January- Qi Gong and Chamomile