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Because we are a small business with a large selection, a few varieties sell out early, usually by May 1st. Instead of reserving orders (which take up a great deal of precious space and time), let us concentrate on making sure we have the plants you want. On the rare occasion that we don't have a specific variety, chances are, we can suggest a comparable, if not superior substitute, customized to your needs.

We cash, checks or Visa and MasterCard.


The life cycle of an annual is 1 year.


The life cycle of a biennial is basically two years. The first year it shoots up foliage and the second year it again shoots up foliage and produces seeds and dies, often re-seeding before its demise.

Half Hardy Perennial

Are hardy occasionally in zone 5B.

Hardy Perennial

Will live year after year in zone 5b and maybe colder zones.

Miniature Accessories

Miniature Accessories for your Faery Gardens

Mulberry Miniatures

We have assembled a selection of slow growing shrubs, groundcovers and trees (including hardy conifers) suited for G-Scale railroaders, faery gardens, rock gardens, troughs, miniature landscapes in pots or in ground and "Jar-Gems" (for strawberry jars). Many tolerate the harsh conditions between stepping stones & rock garden crevices.

Perennial - For All Humidity

These herbs are tolerant of most humidity conditions. Be sure to check their USDA Zone rating as to whether this will do well in your garden.

Perennial - Like High Humidity

These are perennials that love high humidity. With special care, these plants can also survive in the low humidity areas

Perennial - Like Low Humidity

Generally speaking, these plants do not appreciate High Heat in humid areas such as Florida. With special care such as mulching with gravel, you can get them to survive in high humidity

Succulents Large Tropical & Hardy

Our every growing collection of succulents most of which must be brought inside the house for the winter.

Tender Perennial

Not hardy in Ohio, but tough and hardy in warmer parts of the country where you live.


Tomatoes and Peppers