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Stevia Or Sweet Herb

This is the reason many of you originally requested a catalog, remember? Grow your own “sugar” with minimal calories. 10-16 times sweeter than sugar. Easily substituted in teas, coffee, fruit, and cereal. The only limitations are flavor (this is not white sugar or “Nutrasweet”- Mark’s Dad hates the flavor,) and it’s not for tomato sauce to counteract its acidity or when you need the bulk or yeast action of sugar. Check out the recipe book for hundred of ways to use Stevia. Does best in a cool season area. We get around that by mulching with about 2” of pine bark & watering if needed. Harvest around Labor Day. Hang dry. When crisp, ""coffee grinder"" it. Based on our 1997 Stevia survey and 8 seasons of experience, full care sheet below.