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Faerie Gardening? Making one

How do you make a “Faery Garden”?

  • First, think location. Do you have a child or a visiting child that has a favorite hiding area? Ben and Joshua have a spot on the shady, north side of our barn that had some weedy “Boxelders” and lots of rocks! That’s where it went. Anywhere is fine, granted, it’s a treasured “secret spot.” Secondly, ponder what plants qualify as “Wee Folk” worthy. While the only limits are your imagination, classics include the traditional Cicely Mary Barker plants like “Cowslip Primrose, Double Daisies, Ragged Robin,” and many others. We’re guided by plants that are fairly small, have delicate blossoms, are usually hardy perennials, (“Elfin Herb’s” a sweet exception), tolerate at least a little shade (for those secret places), and have a good flowering span from Spring through Fall. Thirdly, take time for soil preparation. Extra humusy, organic material is always good.
Finally don’t forget to embellish. Gather twigs and moss for faery houses and furniture. Look in your couch for marbles. They make terrific gazing balls.