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Hosta, Cat's Eye
Botanical Name: Hosta 'Cat's Eye'
Life Cycle: Mulberry Miniatures
Shade Landscape
Hardy Perennial

Although worthy, we don't worship hostas, yet we couldn't say no to this micro, two-inch, hardy hosta. I repeat, this 2" rosette of leaves have yellow striped centers and, in spring, throw up towering 6" stalks of tiny, red-veined purple flowers. As with all miniature hostas, they must have enough summer watering or they will dry up. Combines well with "Corsican Mint!"

Cold Tolerance: Zone 10b 5a 9b
Light: Shade to P.Shade-P.Sun
Height: 2 inches
Water: Wet
Soil: Organic
Flowers: Early Summer
Recommended for: Beauty.
Price: $5.49 each
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