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Curry Plant
Botanical Name: Helichrysum italicum (angustifolia)
Life Cycle: Perennial - Like Low Humidity
Ornamental narrow grey leaves adorn this upright growing plant. We got it because it smells great, but it's at home as a white foliage feature in our moonlight garden. Has tiny bright yellow buds from July to September. Delightful curry scent, but don't confuse it with curry powder: a blend of cumin, turmeric, & assorted Mid-East spices. One of our retail customers just loves it to flavor vinegar.

Cold Tolerance: Zone 10a10b6a6b7a7b8a8b9a9b
Light: Full Sun to Full Sun
Height: 6-12 inches
Water: Normal
Soil: Sandy-Loamy
Price: $3.99 each

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